Customer Testimonials

Eileen is always full of energy!! She keeps her choreographys fresh but also brings back the oldies! She brings the party to all her classes! She energizes, works us out and inspires!!

-By Sandy Mendoza



Hi There, Well I am visiting Florida for a few months, and I had never tried Zumba, now I am hooked! I turned up with a friend to Eileen's class, it was amazing, she is amazing!!!! Eileen welcomes everyone into her class and gives them the confidence to dance and exercise, well ZUMBA!!! All her pupils are smiling and enjoying her teaching, so ahe has got me hooked, I will come to her each trip to Florida, but now I am looking for a teacher in UK too. Thank you Eileen regards,

Sandra Lawson


Eileen is an awesome Zumba instructor! You can tell that she really loves Zumba and that energy is transferred to the participants. I have taken Zumba classes for about 4 years, most of those with other instructors. Eileen's classes are far superior - they are more fun and I feel I get a better work out. She provides a class that all experience levels can enjoy. She mixes it up every class with different music and routines, so there is no boredom. I thoroughly enjoy her classes and would recommend you give it a try.

-By  DeAna Ball

I was looking for a fun way to excersise and I discovered Eileen and Zumba. What a great experience! Her classes are energetic, pulsating and fun. Beginners are welcome, all you need to do is move - no pressure; with time you will pick up on all the steps. I've been taking Zumba with Eileen for about 2-1/2 years and I love her and her class!

-By, Maria Della Rocca

In the past I never liked to exercise and considered going to the gym a torture until I was introduced to Eileen and her Zumba classes. I was instantly hooked!!! I love exercising now. Her classes feel like I am in a Party, dancing, singing, smiling, laughing, with a huge smile form ear to ear having a great time. I love her Latin flavor dancing. It's like taking a class with Beto Perez (the creator of Zumba) cause she has alot of his dancing similarities. If Zumba was available 7 days a week I would definitely do every single class even though I know it's not possible. I would recommend doing Zumba with Eileen to anyone!!!!!!!!

-By, Veronica Ramos

Eileen is awesome!!! It's like taking a class from the creator of Zumba himself "Beto". She leads the class with great energy and enthusiasm!! Eileen's class is always fun and fresh. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced student you will have a BLAST!!! I guarantee when you are finished with her class, you will say " That was fantastic"!!!! i will be back agian................

-By April Maxwel





Eileen is such a GREAT Zumba instructor. Her classes are what a Zumba session truly is: HAVE FUN, SWEAT and FEEL GOOD! All it took for me was to go to one class to get hooked!! You dont need to be a dancer just feel the music and enjoy. Her classes are very energetic, her music is fresh and up to date everything is just AWESOME! Everyone needs to give it a shot and I am sure anyone will LOVE EILEEN's CLASS!

-By, Julie Naples






Hi there, I live in Nova Scotia and absolutely love Zumba! While visiting Florida in February, I found out about Eileen's classes through Wow... what a fantastic instructor! She is so high energy, has great Zumba attitude and is a fantastic dancer! Plus she has great music and fantastic choreography! Both my daughter and I loved her class and can't wait until we're back in theS area to go to another one!

-By Suzanne Ferrier




If you are looking for a great way to get in shape and have fun, Eileen's Zumba class is excellent! She makes everyone feel comfortable even if you never danced before. Zumba is such a great work out and with the right teacher and the right music you will enjoy your workout! Eileen is so energetic and truly loves what she does. She brings out the BEST in all of her students. Than you, Eileen!

By, Elisabeth Nassberg




Eileen Muriel is a fabulous Zumba teacher. I love everything about her classes and attend as many as I can.

-By Heidi Ivener

Eileen is a great teacher, easy to follow and I love that her classes are full of energy and good music.. Give your self a chance to try Zumba... You will love it.!!! Thank you Eileen for your great classes.

Lyda Sanchez
Naples - Fl